Paperblanks 18-month Academic Dayplanners available now

Paperblanks Academic Planners are sure to get you organized.

2016PBAcademic planners are created for college students and teachers and they run a full 18 Months starting with the Academic year on the first of July. We have discovered through feed-back from our customers, that academic planners work great for many people not just the college student. Academic Planners are great for procrastinators; did you mean to by a planner, that started January first, but never got around to it? An academic planner will get you off to a fresh start this summer. For the frugal saver the academic planner is a great opportunity to get 18 months of organization for a price not very different from a 12 month planner. Academic planners are also the perfect gift for the new graduate. As new graduates enter the world of work, they are most likely to do so in July and being organized, while searching for or starting a new job, increases the chance of success.

Paperblanks Academic planners are offered in 3 sizes, regardless what size they all have hard covers, are smythe-sewn, which makes them strong and open flat, have two page markers for easy reference and a pocket on the inside back cover. Finish is as expected, which Paperblanks fans know means impeccable. Paperblanks paper handles roller balls, ballpoints and fountain pens well:

Paperblanks Maxi Academic Planner

First size up, the Maxi, measures 5.5″ wide by 8.25″ tall with 208 pages and is available in a vertical layout over two pages; a column for each work/school day starting at 8am and running until 8pm in half hour increments and one column for the weekend. At the bottom of each page is a handy monthly calendar with the current week indicated with a line around it. Each maxi size planner has an elastic band closure. There are 4 cover designs in the Paperblanks Maxi size to choose from.

PB29519 Paperblanks Grolier Maxi 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Grolier

PB29526 Paperblanks Foiled Maxi 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Foiled

PB29533 Paperblanks Flutterbeyes Maxi 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Flutterbyes

PB29540 Paperblanks Shiraz Maxi 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Shiraz

Paperblanks 18-Month Planner

Vertical Layout Paperblanks Maxi 18 Month Planner

Paperblanks Midi Academic Planner

Next size down in the Paperblanks Academic planners is the Midi, which measures 5″ x 7″, also has 208 pages and is available in a horizontal layout over two pages and 6 different cover designs all with elastic band closure.


Paperblanks Planner layout horizontal for Midi and Mini

Paperblanks Horizontal Layout for Midi and Mini

Paperblanks Ocean Song 18-Month Planner

Ocean Song Midi

Paperblanks Silver Filigree Blush Pink 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Blush Pink Midi

Paperblanks Laulima 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Laulima Midi

Paperblanks Carmine Midi 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Carmine midi

Paperblanks Black Moroccan 18-Month Planner

Black Moroccan Midi

Paperblanks Fili?gree Floral Ebony 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Fiigree Midi

Paperblanks Mini Academic Planners

The smallest size in the Paperblanks Academic 18 month planners is the Mini, which measures 4″ x 5.5″ and also has 208 pages. The mini has a horizontal layout, week over two pages, same as the Midi size. The Paperblanks Mini is available in 8 cover designs, all with elastic band closure, except for the Darwin Tree of life, which has the classic Paperblanks magnetic flap closure.

Paperblanks Foiled Mini 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Foiled Mini

Paperblanks Black Moroccan Mini 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Black Moroccan Mini

Paperblanks Hummingbird Mini 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Hummingbird Mini

Paperblanks Safavid Mini 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Safavid Mini

Paperblanks Maya Blue Mini 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Maya Blue Mini

Paperblanks Mini Blue Cats 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Blue Cats and Butterflies Mini

Paperblanks Mini Darwin 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Mini Darwin, Tree of life

Paperblanks Filigree Floral  IvoryMini 18-Month Planner

Paperblanks Filigree Floral Mini

Paperblanks Academic Planner -great features, that get you organized.

Regardless of the size or layout of the Paperblanks Academic planner, they all have a great deal of features, that will help you plan your (school) time better. Besides the expected world holidays, measurements, dialing codes and world time zones we really love the 6 different planning tools: Full year planner, extra room for notes, monthly Planner, weekly schedule planner, travel planner and full year calendar for 2016 and 2017. To sum up, quality, 3 different sizes, two different lay-outs and 18 cover designs, the new Paperblanks Academic planners are easy on the eyes and sure to get you better organized, whether attending college or already enrolled in the school of life.

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Full year Planner

Full Year planner

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Additional room for notes

Room for notes

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Monthly planning pages

Monthly Planner pages

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Scheduler

Class Schedule pages

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Travel Planner

Travel Planner

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Full Year Calendar for both 2016-2017

Full year Calendar for 2016 and 2017


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Business Week Loves Ten Design Roll-Stylus on

Ten Design Roller Stylus just received a very nice write up in Business Week Magazine.

Ten Design Roller Stylus_review in Business_Week_Magazine

The Roller-Stylus by Ten Design has faceted aluminum barrel and fun and useful magnetic caps for both the roller-ball and stylus end of the pen.

The roller stylus comes with a German made Schneider top ball refill, but also fits a Schmidt ceramic tip roller ball refill.

We especially love “the hexagonal shape was the most comfortable shape we tried” Ten Design makes an award winning collection wonderful ergonomic Pens by  young woman Designer Pinky Wan. has an extensive pen collection including pens by Ten Design and Troika. A nice Pen/Stylus makes a great, useful gift. You can find the business week article here

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Connect to the world in 2015 with a Paperblanks planner


It’s no secret, that at we are big fans of Paperblanks, the thoughtful and carefully crafted journals and  planners by the Vancouver Canada based publisher Hartley and Marks. This time of year, with the long summer holiday behind us and the kids back in school;  shorter days and a change in weather reminds us, that a new year is not far off. In our warehouse we receive lots of planners and we start to think  about the possibilities a new year has to offer.  A planner is a fantastic tool for capitalizing on those opportunities, luck favors the prepared!  A 2015 Paperblanks datebook makes planning ahead easy and is a wonderful way to look back on years past.  As you fill your planner, you are creating a shorthand diary of your families life at the same time, without any extra effort.

The Silver Filigree collection is a great example of the cultural inspiration that Paperblanks uses for their covers. This design is available in a number of sizes.

The Silver Filigree collection is a great example of the cultural inspiration that Paperblanks uses for their covers. This design is available in a number of sizes.

Paperblanks Planners are pretty, tactile and well made. Paperblanks uses recycled binder boards, paper made from sustainable pulp and uses ethical practices at its factories. All planners are thread bound, which makes the binding more durable and ensures the planner will lay flat. Paperblanks is most famous for its covers, which are imprinted and embossed to look like works of art and ancient book covers, that represent our worlds cultural heritage. The year of the planner is printed on the bottom of the spine, that way it does not interfere with the beautiful cover art and when you store your Paperblanks planner away on the shelf spine out, you can see the year at a glance.

For 2015 Paperblank offers about 70 different planner styles divided over six sizes; Grande, a desk planner 8 1/4″ wide x 11 3/4″ tall, Ultra,   7″ wide x 9″ tall, Maxi, 5 1/2″ wide x 81/4″ tall, Midi 5″ wide x 7″ tall, Slim 3 1/2″ wide by 7″ tall and the Mini 4″ wide x 5 1/2″ tall.

There are three layouts: Horizontal weekly layout with the week over two pages, Vertical Layout with 8 columns over two pages, one for each day of the week and one for notes and a Daily Layout with a full page for each day.

When picking your Paperblanks planner there are a few things to keep in mind. The Grande and the Ultra Format are only available in the vertical layout and the Maxi and the Slim format only in the horizontal weekly layout. The Midi and the Mini are available in the Horizontal Weekly Layout and the Daily page a day layout. Last thing to keep in mind is whether you prefer a magnetic closure or a rubber band closure. The Slim and the Maxi size only come with rubber band closure, all other sizes offer great choices in both elastic band or magnetic band closure.

This Paperblanks Hummingbirds 2015 planner, inspired by Laurel Burch, is available in multiple siszes

We find that when picking it works best in this order:

1.Pick Layout first, because that is what you will have to live with every day.

2. Size; based on where you will use the Planner, how large you write, how much information it should hold and how you plan to carry it around

3. Pick cover design .

If you have read this blog post this far,  details matter to you. Below you will find more specs on the Paperblanks Planners and images of the various layouts and extra pages.

Paperblanks planners features that you will appreciate all year long are: Thread bound, opens flat, acid free/sustainable forest paper, hi-opaque paper lessens ink show through, memento pouch, two! ribbon place markers, lots of supplemental pages and a removable address book insert. If you are shopping for a Planner the Paperblanks 2015 planners deserve to be on your short list.

Paperblanks Vertical Layout

Paperblanks 2015 Vertical Layout

Paperblanks 2015 Planner Horizontal Weekly Layout

Paperblanks 2015  Horizontal Weekly Layout


Paperblanks 2015 Planner Daily Layout

Paperblanks 2015 Planner Daily Layout

Paperblanks 2015 Planner supplemental pages 2016 calendar

Paperblanks 2015 Planner supplemental pages 2016 calendar

Paperblanks Planner Supplemental Pages 2017 Calendar

Paperblanks Planner Supplemental Pages 2017 Calendar

Paperblanks 2015 planner supplemental pages 2015 Calendar

Paperblanks 2015 planner supplemental pages 2015 Calendar

Planner supplemental pages - yearly planning tool

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – yearly planning tool

Paperblanks 2015 Planner - World Time Zones Chart

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – World Time Zones Chart

Paperblanks 2015 Planner Supplemental Pages - Travel Planning & Birthdays & Important Dates Memo Page

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – Important Dates Memo Page

Paperblanks 2015 Planner Supplemental Pages - Monthly Calendar 2015

Paperblanks 2015 Planner  – Monthly Calendar 2015

Paperblanks  2015 Planner Supplemental Pages - International Holidays & Celebrations Summary for 2016

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – International Holidays for 2016

Paperblanks 2015 Planner Supplemental Pages - International Holidays & Celebrations Summary for 2015

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – International Holidays for 2015

Paperblanks 2015 Planner Supplemental Pages - International Dialling Codes

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – International Dialling Codes

Paperblanks 2015 12-Month Dayplanner Supplemental Pages - Extra Note Pages

Paperblanks 2015 Planner-Extra Note Pages

Paperblanks 2015 12-Month Dayplanner Supplemental Pages - Conversions Chart

Paperblanks 2015 Planner – Conversions Chart

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Top 10 reasons to use a Leuchtturm planner in 2015

LT  top 10 header with logo

No cords, no hard-drives to backup or software updates to install, no batteries to charge. In the midst of this high-tech world, we find something wonderful about paper planners. Simply open the cover and you have access to everything you need, every time, guaranteed. As the years pass, there are no required upgrades or renewals, you can slide past planners onto a shelf or into a keepsake box and forever have access to the events and memories of all your years.
As we upgrade our phones and back-up our computers we bask in the simple beauty of putting pen to paper, with the added bonus that writing is scientifically proven to help us remember more.

German brand Leuchtturm 1917 makes outstanding planners that are high quality, versatile and a joy to own. With that being said, here is a list of the top 10 reasons why we think you should use a Leuchtturm planner in 2015, enjoy!

1. Quality. Their motto says it all, “details make all the difference”. Leuchtturm has designed their notebooks with careful consideration, from the strong cover that is easily cleaned, the thread bound binding to all of the little extras (think, a rainbow of colors, styles and stickers…yes, stickers).
2. Selection. Planners come in both daily and weekly formats and in 4 different layouts;

  • horizontal – week over two pages Monday – Wednesday on the left page, and Thursday – Sunday on the right page
  • vertical – week over two pages one vertical column for each weekday and one column for the weekend
  • verso – 7 days on the left page, full page for notes on the right page
  • daily – an entire page for each working day
2015 Leuchtturm planners, available in daily & weekly and 4 layouts; horizontal, verso, vertical and daily

2015 Leuchtturm planners, available in daily & weekly and 4 layouts; horizontal, verso, vertical and daily


3. Sizes. Leuchtturm offers three sizes (master, large and pocket) in both daily and weekly formats and all 4 of the layouts.

Master, large and pocket

Master, large and pocket



4. Colors. Life is colorful; your planner should be too. These planners are available in up to 16 colors.

Leuchtturm 1917 planners are available in up to 16 colors for 2015

Leuchtturm 1917 planners are available in up to 16 colors for 2015








5. Paper quality. The beautiful, muted white paper is both acid free (so your writing won’t fade years from now) and bleed free.
6. Perforated pages. Ever needed to write something down and give it to someone, but hate ruining the paper in your planner? Leuchtturm provides 8 perforated pages in the back that allow you to remove notes without damaging your planner.

8 perforated pages in the back

8 perforated pages in the back


7. Pagination. A unique trait of notebooks and planners by Leuchtturm is their pagination. The planner pages are marked by the week of the year, another great way to keep track of time.

Pages are marked with the corresponding week of the year

Pages are marked with the corresponding week of the year


8. Stickers. Provided to help you customize, organize and archive a year of activities, lists and memories. They are designed to label the spine and front cover of your planner. And who doesn’t love stickers?

Stickers for labeling the front/back and spine of the planner

Stickers for labeling the front/back and spine of the planner


9. Pocket. Receipts, business cards, coupons; even in this high-tech world we still manage to end up with loose paper. The sturdy folder on the inside of each planner’s back cover provides the perfect place to make sure you don’t misplace any of them.

Study pocket in the back provides the perfect storage for all the loose paper you can accumulate

Study pocket in the back provides the perfect storage for all the loose paper you can accumulate













10. Page marker. A ribbon page marker makes finding your week simple, plus they’re pretty.

Ribbon page marker

Ribbon page marker




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It’s Hip to Be Squared

How do you like your notebook pages: plain, lined, or squared? I’m personally a big fan of squared/graph paper notebooks and pads, since they’re very versatile for writing, drawing, and copying over Sudoku and KenKen puzzles when you’ve made a mistake and have to start over! I’ve used many brands, particularly Moleskine, as for a long time they were the only pocket sized hardcover notebooks I could find with graph paper. Now, of course, there are more choices available, and due to some design choices at Moleskine, some users might be considering other options.

I recently posted a link on my own site about the blogger at Recording Thoughts, who decided to switch to Leuchtturm after noticing a change in Moleskine’s squared notebooks: Moleskine Monday: Hello, Goodbye.
My own observations confirmed what I read at Recording Thoughts: the graph lines on newer Moleskines are darker. You might think this sort of thing wouldn’t be noticeable, but it really is! Below you can see an old Moleskine in the foreground, and an older one underneath.

When I started using my new Moleskine, I was immediately bothered by the darker lines– I use very fine point pens, so the weight of the graph lines really competes with what I’m writing.

I thought the dark lines might be a defect confined to a particular print run, so I submitted a query via Moleskine’s quality control page on their website. A day or two later, I received a reply informing me that the darker lines were not a defect, but in fact a design change prompted by complaints from people with “sight problems” who found the old lines too faint!

I guess that goes to show that you can’t please everyone all the time. But since I care about pleasing ME, I immediately contacted LoveNotebooks to see if their stock of Moleskines included the older versions with faint lines. And here’s the good news: if you use pocket size squared notebooks, you can get the ones with faint lines at LoveNotebooks (while supplies last). If you use the large notebooks, their stock on those has the darker lines.

In the meantime, I’ve still got about 2/3 of my current notebook left to write in. For the first few days those darker lines were really driving me nuts, but I’ve started to get more used to them now. I’ve also been using a wider pen and writing bigger, to compete with those dark lines, and to use up my pages faster!

Guest Blog Post by Nifty, follow her passion on

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Halloween for Notebook Lovers

Model dressed up in Rhodia Notebooks

Let nothing get between you and your favorite Rhodia Notebook

Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet? Did you jot down some
ideas in a notebook, or perhaps even sketch something in a notebook?
Better yet, are you going to dress up AS a notebook?
I’ve never actually created a notebook costume myself, but here’s a
few ideas I’ve had for how to do it:

Old-fashioned spiral notebook:
I’d buy some thick, flexible aluminum wire at Home Depot. Then I’d
take two big pieces of cardboard and paint them to look like the front
and back cover of a notebook. Punch holes on one side and loop the
wire through, forming it into the spiral binding. Then make some kidn
of shoulder straps so you can wear it! You could also paint your face
white with blue lines to look like lined paper.

Composition book:
I’d find an old black t-shirt and speckle white paint on it to look
like the classic marbled composition book. Then use a piece of white
paper or cardboard to make the rectangular white label in the middle
that says “Composition Book” and tape that to my chest.

Again, you’d have to dress all in black. You could add a white stripe
running across your shoulders and down one side to represent the white
edge of the pages. Get some kind of thick black ribbon and attach it
to one shoulder for your ribbon marker. If you really want to get
elaborate, make a black “cover” out of cardboard (or even better, a
piece of black PVC!) that you can open up, and then on the inside add
the lines where you write your name and the “if lost” reward. Then
figure out some way to emboss the word Moleskine on your butt!

Of course, the best notebook for any Halloween usage is Rhodia: that
orange and black color scheme is perfect!

Please share your own Halloween notebook ideas in the comments! (Use a
notebook for logging all the candy you collect, perhaps!?)

Blog post by guest blogger Nifty. You can follow her notebook adventures at

P.S. how about a partner dressing up as a pencil and the kids as a classic eraser or crayon?

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Alternative uses for planners

Anyone who knows me knows I love planners. I’m always thinking of ways to use planners beyond simple appointment scheduling.  Here are some ideas I’ve come up with for using planners in unconventional ways. How many more ways can you come up with?

Your planner can help you get there.  Something that I like to incorporate into my planner is goal-setting. I find it very useful to track my goals in my planner because I look at my planner several times per day, and seeing my goals often keeps them at the forefront of my mind. And beyond just writing my goals, my planner helps me see where I’m going to fit those goal tasks into my day. Whether it’s working out to achieve my fitness goals, writing a blog post to reach my personal goals, or cleaning out the storage room to fulfill my household goals, my planner gets me where I’m going.

Your planner can tell you where you’ve been.  Rather than strictly for planning, planners can also be used to record your day as a logbook, or for tracking specific aspects of your life such as a food journal, exercise diary or expenditures record. Parents enjoy writing milestones and cute things their kids said and did in their planner as a wonderful record of their kids growing up. Many people use a planner as a gratitude journal to help them appreciate each day.

Your planner can help you make money. Freelancers and contractors have to keep track of billable hours on multiple projects at once. Writing this information into a planner provides a chronological, permanent record of billable time.  I have a friend who is a professional dog walker and she uses a planner to keep track of which dogs she walks each day. At the end of each week she easily totals up billable hours for each client. This type of record can be very useful for budgeting time, and should be kept as a record of hours billed for tax purposes.

Scientific records in planners.  Many scientists use planners to record information as field notes. Separate from the detailed notes written in their field journals, planners can record chronological events in the field. Anthropologists use daily planners to record events in their study villages, which becomes very valuable later to see cause and effect. Ornithologists (professional and amateur) can note in their planners the species of birds observed each day, which helps them notice when birds migrate for the winter and return in the spring. Comparing these dates over a period of years shows patterns such as whether birds are migrating earlier or later than usual. Using a planner for field notes creates a permanent record that is portable in any field bag and never needs batteries when you’re out in the field.

Uses for past-year planners. I had a fascinating conversation with Jeroen of Love Notebooks about some of his customers who buy past-year planners. Love Notebooks has past-year planners available for purchase (click here to see) and it was fascinating to hear what people use these for. He said he often gets authors of books and screenplays who want a planner of the year their story takes place, to write the timeline and to have accurate dates of when things take place within the story.  People also use them as movie and stage props for the year the story takes place. (And you know with HD TV now, you don’t want anyone zooming in on the picture to find the planner prop is of the wrong year!)  Also, lawyers working on a case could find it useful to use a planner from the year the events took place to recreate the chronological sequence of events. It’s so interesting to think of ways to use past-year planners! Of course one option is to keep it and use it later–dates recycle every 7 years so you can keep unused planners until the year when the dates match up with the days again!

As a notebook. I know some people who like to use planners as notebooks, ignoring the dates. Some people do this with past-year planners they didn’t use and don’t want to waste, or they particularly enjoy writing on the paper. Something else to consider is that planners typically have a different number of pages than notebooks. Day-per-page planners usually have more pages than notebooks, which is good for people who write a lot and go through notebooks quickly. A 12-month weekly planner usually has fewer pages than a typical notebook, which often results in a slimmer book than can easily slip into a pocket or bag.

Do you use your planner in an unconventional way? Can you think of more uses for a planner?

Post by guest blogger, and one of the Internets foremost experts on everything planners,   Laurie,  from


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Deafmessanger notebook review

I first discovered Deafmessanger notebooks on Notebook Stories blog, and quickly became obsessed. These notebooks are made by hand in Prague by an artist named Kucin. The books have a very cool, street art look to them. I wanted to order one of their 2011 planners but by the time I got around to it they were already sold out, much to my disappointment.

So when the kind folks at Lovenotebooks offered to send me one of the Deafmessanger noteboooks to review, I jumped at the chance! They very generously sent me the Square Journal Cykorka to review. I was so excited to get it and check it out! I’ve never seen a notebook like this before.

The notebook is 6 ¾ by 6 ¾ inches, which is a great size to carry in your bag with you to write or sketch in anytime inspiration strikes.

Deafmessanger Cykorka notebook

The stiff cardboard cover has a stenciled design on the front (I love the bird). The cover is held securely shut at the corners by red elastic.

Inside, the message “Treasure Inside” makes you want to come up with a Very Special Purpose for this book. There’s even a pencil included so you can get started right away!

Treasure Inside

There’s a red ribbon placemarker to find your current page easily.  The recycled paper is surprisingly smooth and nice. You can see little flecks in the paper, giving it away as recycled, but it is smoother than I expected it to be. This was just one of the many pleasant surprises inside this book.

Throughout the book there are bits that were found by the artist that have been bound into the book on the rings, not stuck on the pages. This has the double benefit of not covering any precious page space, and allowing you to see both sides of the object (all of which are fascinating and unique).

The bits include things like old post cards, maps, and magazine pages. My favorite is this hand-written page from a ledger of some kind:

Ledger page bound on rings

In addition to the items stuck in, on random pages there are hand-stamped quotes designed to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

“Stories Are Maps”

The last page has a stamped signature and message against animal suffering. At the bottom of the page is the stamped message, “to be continued…” which reminds us all that creativity is always a work in progress.

“to be continued…”

The edge of the inside back cover has the artist’s website and email address. I strongly encourage you to check it out:

Back cover

The back cover has the stenciled message, “what u risk reveals what u value.” There’s also a tag attached to the back cover that says, “Made from Prague, Made in Prague.” That’s important to point out: the bits stuck into the book are from Prague, so in the book you get a part of the artist’s home, and in his art you get a part of the artist himself.

The result is an absolutely unique book that’s hand made for only you. It feels like a personal gift from a good friend.

You can now buy a wide selection of Deaf Messanger notebooks in a variety of sizes and styles at LoveNotebooks! Click here to see the product page.

Many thanks again to my friends at Lovenotebooks for giving me the chance to review this awesome notebook!

Post by guest blogger and fellow lover of fine paper goods Laurie from


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Students’ notebooks

Notebooks for students go beyond just taking notes in class (although of course they are great for that too).

Students are in a very creative time in their lives, and notebooks are perfect for capturing that creativity on the go and preserving it for years to come.

My college roommate’s boyfriend carried a hardcover sketchbook with him wherever he went. I was fascinated by it, and loved to flip through the pages. In his book he sketched something reflecting where he went that day, what he was doing and especially people he was with. It was like a visual journal capturing each day. Today it must bring back amazing memories of his college years.

When I was in college I took copious notes in class, partly to stay focused during lecture but mostly because I am a visual learner. I remembered much more material from reading my notes than I ever would have remembered just from listening to the lecture. I’m so visual that during exams I would recall information by visualizing the page in my notes, even which side of the page it was written on, and that would trigger the memory of the correct answer. Despite being a visual learner I don’t have a true photographic memory, unfortunately. That would be very useful!  Because I relied on my notes for learning, I was never without a notebook. When I could afford it I treated myself to a cool notebook with good paper to make the daily task of note-taking pleasurable.

Styles and types of notebooks abound, but it’s worth investing in good notebooks to write notes in, especially in graduate school. Your notes need to last for several years, and will be a record of your research and progress toward your degree.  Make sure you use a notebook that’s up to the task at hand. A couple of examples:

Your research notes are precious, and must be kept in archival books. Leuchtturm notebooks are especially great for science lab notes and research because of the numbered pages, index and archival quality paper.

Students of geology, ecology, archaeology and others whose research and coursework takes them outside depend on an all-weather notebook to capture field notes in any condition. Rite In The Rain notebooks are the gold standard of outdoor notebooks and can handle outdoor use no matter what the weather.

Of course the goal for any student is graduation and life beyond school. Notebooks are a great place to plot your future. Mind maps and timelines are best drawn in notebooks to give you an idea of what needs to be done to help you reach your goals. The open pages give you the freedom to explore and imagine your options, and record them for future reference and further re-working.

Every student should keep a notebook with your list of graduation requirements (including mandatory classes, credits, projects etc.). Each time you complete a class or other requirement, check it off your list and record the grade or result. I found this was especially important when I was in graduate school. At the beginning of my studies, my advisors and I agreed on what my requirements were for graduation. Because I did a multi-departmental degree, it was up to me to keep track of what all of my advisors had agreed on. At the beginning of my final semester when one of my advisors tried to demand I do additional coursework that would have added another semester of classes, I was able to bring out my list of agreed-upon requirements and make my case that I could graduate when they were completed. Good thing I had kept that list or I might still be doing “one more suggested class!”

Notebooks are essential tools for students when taking notes and planning for graduation and your life beyond. They are also a source of creative expression and a way of recording this unique time of your life.

Best of luck to all you students out there on your progress toward graduation and your professional life beyond!

Post by guest blogger and fellow notebook aficionado Laurie from


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Paris in Spring.

It is no secret, and we are not afraid to admit it, Sara and I love Paris, especially in spring.  As the gray skies in Portland are only slowly and tentatively giving way to the sun and warmer temperatures, we are told are just around the corner(not this one the other corner). We dream of escaping to Paris. Alas airplane ticket prices are sky high and our kids need to go to school, have diapers changed etc. Today we received a newsletter from Paperblanks. We get a lot of newsletters and have to admit, that we do not open them all right away, or at all.  This one we did and we discovered a little gift. A lovely new video celebrating the new Paperblanks Literary Art Deco Notebooks and Paris nostalgia of the 1920’s and 1930’s, which viewed through the hazy lens of history seemed to be a time when the grown-ups were having all the fun. We enjoyed the video and it took us on a little mental trip to a different time. The “Jazz Age” music is so infectious you may find yourself doing the Cake-Walk, the Turkey Trot, and the Bunny Hug all at the same time. While writing this post the sun broke through the clouds feeling better already 🙂

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