Paperblanks Honors Bronte Sisters with Special Edition Journal

The Bronte Sisters life story is just as remarkable as the novels they left behind. Five sisters born in the first half of the 19th century, three lived to adulthood and all three became beloved authors who influence our culture today. Paperblanks celebrates the authors of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey with a Special Edition Journal in their Embellished Journal Collection. Available in hard cover in two sizes, Ultra 7 by 9 inches and Midi 5 by 7 inches. Both with 120gsm paper in either lined or blank paper. The books have a brass magnetic clasp which gives them a nice period feel and book edge printing. The larger size has a 144 pages and the midi size has a whopping 240 pages, which means that both sizes are priced similarly at $27.95 for the Ultra size and 24.95 for the Midi size. If you are a Bronte fan these journals are a must have.

Paperblanks Bronte Sisters Journals

Paperblanks Special Edition Bronte Sisters Journals

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Valentines Day-Favorite Love Poem Contest Results

Paperblanks Chloe and Daphne Journals

Journal together

Thank you everyone who participated in our Valentines Day Contest both on the lovenotebooks blog and facebook page. The lucky winner of a Paperblanks Journal and a Ten Design Pen will be announced on our Facebook Page

After checking everyone’s response we realized you collectively created a great list of love poems. We thought it would be fun to share your list of love poems below in no particular order. Maya Angelou and Pablo Neruda deserve special mention since they came up twice.

Erotikos Logos by Giorgos Seferis

In my Sky at Twilight by Pablo Neruda

Wild Nights by  Emily Dickinson

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet by Thich Nhat Hanh

XVII I do not love you by Pablo Neruda

The Albatros by Baudelaire

Maya Angelou- her work in general was referenced

And of course Mr Willy Shakespeare himself with sonnet 138 (this one made us smile)

Special thanks to those of you who shared your own poems, including one, that reminds us that irons do not make good Valentines gifts.



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Happy Halloween-Scary Stories-Great Journals

Happy Halloween.

Start a new family tradition. Select a beautiful and durable (Scary)journal for inspiration and have kids and grown-ups contribute their scary stories. Each Halloween your family’s scary story book will grow. Reading stories from years past will be good fun and may even prove insightful. Journal pictured is by Paperblanks and features a print by Canadian artist Alistair Macready Bell.


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New Paperblanks Journal for Valentines

Hello Ten Design Rollerball Pen Meet the Paperblanks Lace Journal

Match made in heaven, A Paperblanks Journal and Ten Design Rollerball Pen

Love and writing go together like … a beautiful journal and a terrific Pen. Introducing Paperblanks new Lace Allure Journals: Black Lace on a Red Back Ground is called The Paperblanks Rouge Boudoir series and has a little bit of a dark side. Available in Midi 5 x 7 inch , Slim 3-1/2 x 7  inch and Mini 3-3/4 x 5-1/2 inch. We pared a Midi with a Ten Design Roller Stylus in Gold, with a Schneider Topball 850 rollerball refill fine point. This Pen won the Newsweek informal office survey of most comfortable rollerball thanks to its six sided barrel. Ten Design Rollerball Pen-Stylus is also available in silver and black.

Paperblanks Lace Allure also has a white lace on a black background design, which Paperblanks named Ivory Veil. Paperblanks Ivory Veil Journals are available in three sizes: Ultra Format 7 x 9 inch, Midi 5 x 7 inch and Mini 3-3/4″ x 5-1/2  inch

Perfect Wedding Organizer

Paperblanks Lace Allure Accordion Organizer is perfect for all the Paperwork that comes with planning a wedding

Lace Allure Guestbook is works great for a wedding

Lace Allure Guestbook is works great for a wedding

Paperblanks Lace Allure also has what we feel makes a great wedding set. A Guest book 9 x 7″ landscape format and an accordion storage box which is perfect for all the loose papers photos mementos and yes invoices and agreements that come with celebrating and organizing a wedding.


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New Paperblanks Journals: The Magical world of Mila Marquis


Mila MarquisOn a gloomy day in Portland Oregon imagine the delight at the Lovenotebooks.com office about the bright and dreamy new Paperblanks journals with cover art by German artist Mila Marquis.

Mila clearly believes in Magic, her images are lighter than air, allowing your ideas to float from one cloud to the next. Intense beautiful bright colors are sure to inspire and chase away the gloom. Paperblanks has produced 4 different cover designs with Mila Marquis’ artwork from left to right, Valentina, Sweet Compassion, Joyous Springtime and Poppy Field. Paperblanks offers them in their Midi size only 4-3/4″ by 6-3/4 ” all of them have the exquisite print quality, that Paperblanks is known for. The journals are smythe-sewn and open flat. Each Mila Marquis journal has a page marker and a pocket on the inside back cover. Journals close with an elastic band. Nice detail on these new Paperblanks journals are the rounded corners. Each journal has 176 pages of sustainable paper. We find the paper resists bleed and feathering well with most pens. They are sturdy and will stand up well to being carried around. In short a delightful addition to the Paperblanks journal line-up and perhaps the perfect Valentines day gift.



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Business Week Loves Ten Design Roll-Stylus on lovenotebooks.com

Ten Design Roller Stylus just received a very nice write up in Business Week Magazine.

Ten Design Roller Stylus_review in Business_Week_Magazine

The Roller-Stylus by Ten Design has faceted aluminum barrel and fun and useful magnetic caps for both the roller-ball and stylus end of the pen.

The roller stylus comes with a German made Schneider top ball refill, but also fits a Schmidt ceramic tip roller ball refill.

We especially love “the hexagonal shape was the most comfortable shape we tried” Ten Design makes an award winning collection wonderful ergonomic Pens by  young woman Designer Pinky Wan.

Lovenotebooks.com has an extensive pen collection including pens by Ten Design and Troika. A nice Pen/Stylus makes a great, useful gift. You can find the business week article here

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A Gratitude Journal- A record of the good stuff.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

One of the drawbacks to keeping a journal, at least for me, is that when you use the written word to process and cope with whatever’s going on in your life, you can end up writing too much about problems and negative, stressful things. It may be therapeutic to get all that stuff out, but you’re left with a record of your life at that time that portrays it only as difficult. The comforting, amusing and inspiring things that happened are passed over and forgotten. If you want to make sure you focus more on the positive things in life, a gratitude journal is a great way to do that. It’s also an excellent prompt for those who have difficulty starting to keep a journal in the first place.

What is a gratitude journal? It’s quiet simple– find a notebook you like, and each day, sit down with it for a few minutes to write down two or three things you felt thankful for that day. Maybe it was an email from an old friend asking how you’re doing. Maybe it was a walk on the beach with your dog. Maybe you knocked a few difficult tasks off your to-do list at work. It can be that simple.

It’s so easy for us to feel sorry for ourselves. On a bad day, you might think you have nothing to feel thankful about. But if you can’t think of anything, you’re just not thinking enough about how lucky you really are! Be grateful for your health, your family, your home, your senses and all the things they reveal about the world around you. There are lots of obvious things to be thankful for, but if you stop and think and write about it, you’ll find the more subtle things we should all appreciate but can so easily forget.

A gratitude journal doesn’t have to be kept in any particular way– you can write a lot or a little, draw pictures or paste in a photo. It doesn’t even have to be a separate journal– you could just set aside space on a page in a notebook you’re using for other things. The important thing is just to find a few minutes each day to stop and think about gratitude, to open your mind to new ways of seeing the positive in your life, and to lock in that feeling by putting something on paper.

If you’re really stuck as to how to begin, start by appreciating your gratitude journal itself: the look of the cover, the feel of the pages, and that you have the means to buy it. And in this holiday season, I’m sure you’ll find many more things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving special thanks to our Lovenotebooks.com Blog contributors. The above blog post by our guest blogger Nifty from notebookstories.com

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Deafmessanger notebook review

I first discovered Deafmessanger notebooks on Notebook Stories blog, and quickly became obsessed. These notebooks are made by hand in Prague by an artist named Kucin. The books have a very cool, street art look to them. I wanted to order one of their 2011 planners but by the time I got around to it they were already sold out, much to my disappointment.

So when the kind folks at Lovenotebooks offered to send me one of the Deafmessanger noteboooks to review, I jumped at the chance! They very generously sent me the Square Journal Cykorka to review. I was so excited to get it and check it out! I’ve never seen a notebook like this before.

The notebook is 6 ¾ by 6 ¾ inches, which is a great size to carry in your bag with you to write or sketch in anytime inspiration strikes.

Deafmessanger Cykorka notebook

The stiff cardboard cover has a stenciled design on the front (I love the bird). The cover is held securely shut at the corners by red elastic.

Inside, the message “Treasure Inside” makes you want to come up with a Very Special Purpose for this book. There’s even a pencil included so you can get started right away!

Treasure Inside

There’s a red ribbon placemarker to find your current page easily.  The recycled paper is surprisingly smooth and nice. You can see little flecks in the paper, giving it away as recycled, but it is smoother than I expected it to be. This was just one of the many pleasant surprises inside this book.

Throughout the book there are bits that were found by the artist that have been bound into the book on the rings, not stuck on the pages. This has the double benefit of not covering any precious page space, and allowing you to see both sides of the object (all of which are fascinating and unique).

The bits include things like old post cards, maps, and magazine pages. My favorite is this hand-written page from a ledger of some kind:

Ledger page bound on rings

In addition to the items stuck in, on random pages there are hand-stamped quotes designed to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

“Stories Are Maps”

The last page has a stamped signature and message against animal suffering. At the bottom of the page is the stamped message, “to be continued…” which reminds us all that creativity is always a work in progress.

“to be continued…”

The edge of the inside back cover has the artist’s website and email address. I strongly encourage you to check it out:


Back cover

The back cover has the stenciled message, “what u risk reveals what u value.” There’s also a tag attached to the back cover that says, “Made from Prague, Made in Prague.” That’s important to point out: the bits stuck into the book are from Prague, so in the book you get a part of the artist’s home, and in his art you get a part of the artist himself.

The result is an absolutely unique book that’s hand made for only you. It feels like a personal gift from a good friend.

You can now buy a wide selection of Deaf Messanger notebooks in a variety of sizes and styles at LoveNotebooks! Click here to see the product page.

Many thanks again to my friends at Lovenotebooks for giving me the chance to review this awesome notebook!

Post by guest blogger and fellow lover of fine paper goods Laurie from plannerisms.com


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Students’ notebooks

Notebooks for students go beyond just taking notes in class (although of course they are great for that too).

Students are in a very creative time in their lives, and notebooks are perfect for capturing that creativity on the go and preserving it for years to come.

My college roommate’s boyfriend carried a hardcover sketchbook with him wherever he went. I was fascinated by it, and loved to flip through the pages. In his book he sketched something reflecting where he went that day, what he was doing and especially people he was with. It was like a visual journal capturing each day. Today it must bring back amazing memories of his college years.

When I was in college I took copious notes in class, partly to stay focused during lecture but mostly because I am a visual learner. I remembered much more material from reading my notes than I ever would have remembered just from listening to the lecture. I’m so visual that during exams I would recall information by visualizing the page in my notes, even which side of the page it was written on, and that would trigger the memory of the correct answer. Despite being a visual learner I don’t have a true photographic memory, unfortunately. That would be very useful!  Because I relied on my notes for learning, I was never without a notebook. When I could afford it I treated myself to a cool notebook with good paper to make the daily task of note-taking pleasurable.

Styles and types of notebooks abound, but it’s worth investing in good notebooks to write notes in, especially in graduate school. Your notes need to last for several years, and will be a record of your research and progress toward your degree.  Make sure you use a notebook that’s up to the task at hand. A couple of examples:

Your research notes are precious, and must be kept in archival books. Leuchtturm notebooks are especially great for science lab notes and research because of the numbered pages, index and archival quality paper.

Students of geology, ecology, archaeology and others whose research and coursework takes them outside depend on an all-weather notebook to capture field notes in any condition. Rite In The Rain notebooks are the gold standard of outdoor notebooks and can handle outdoor use no matter what the weather.

Of course the goal for any student is graduation and life beyond school. Notebooks are a great place to plot your future. Mind maps and timelines are best drawn in notebooks to give you an idea of what needs to be done to help you reach your goals. The open pages give you the freedom to explore and imagine your options, and record them for future reference and further re-working.

Every student should keep a notebook with your list of graduation requirements (including mandatory classes, credits, projects etc.). Each time you complete a class or other requirement, check it off your list and record the grade or result. I found this was especially important when I was in graduate school. At the beginning of my studies, my advisors and I agreed on what my requirements were for graduation. Because I did a multi-departmental degree, it was up to me to keep track of what all of my advisors had agreed on. At the beginning of my final semester when one of my advisors tried to demand I do additional coursework that would have added another semester of classes, I was able to bring out my list of agreed-upon requirements and make my case that I could graduate when they were completed. Good thing I had kept that list or I might still be doing “one more suggested class!”

Notebooks are essential tools for students when taking notes and planning for graduation and your life beyond. They are also a source of creative expression and a way of recording this unique time of your life.

Best of luck to all you students out there on your progress toward graduation and your professional life beyond!

Post by guest blogger and fellow notebook aficionado Laurie from Plannerisms.com


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An Angel at my Table

I recently watched the movie An Angel at My Table. It’s a coming-of-age story about Janet Frame, a New Zealand writer who overcame not only a tough childhood but many years of being locked up in a mental institution. It’s a beautiful movie, for many reasons– you get a taste of New Zealand’s gorgeous landscapes as well as its hardscrabble sheep farming life, but mainly you see an intelligent and imaginative young girl growing up in a difficult environment.

Of course, for me one of the key moments in the movie revolves around a notebook. Janet is about 10 years old and already feels driven to write. Her father, an uneducated man himself, realizes that his daughter needs more outlets for her creativity, and one day he comes home with a surprise for her: a beautiful notebook. It’s just a wonderful scene– you see the joy in this young girl’s face and realize how special it is for her to have this notebook to write in. This would have been during the mid-1930s, when New Zealand, like everywhere else, was struggling with an economic depression, and any small personal luxury would be rare for the average person. Yet you can tell that she wouldn’t have cared about getting a doll or a dress or candy or anything as much as she cared about that notebook. And through it, you see how much her father loves and appreciates her, even if she’s a bit of a misfit and a mystery to him.

The rest of the movie chronicles her growing up and her struggles to deal with life as a woman and as a writer. It’s by no means a movie about notebooks, but that one scene is so touching and inspiring– it will make anyone who loves notebooks appreciate how much meaning they can have, especially to a child with stories she wants to tell.

Blog entry by Lovenotebooks.com guest blogger Nifty. Find out more about Nifty and her passion for notebooks at notebookstories.com

We have chosen the image of a Kikkerland’s Writersblok Notebook to accompany this Blog Post. Writersblok donates 2% of all proceeds to literacy projects for girls

Writersblok notebooks donate 2% of proceeds to literacy projects

Writersblok supports Literacy Projects

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