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Paperblanks 18-month Academic Dayplanners available now

Paperblanks Academic Planners are sure to get you organized.

2016PBAcademic planners are created for college students and teachers and they run a full 18 Months starting with the Academic year on the first of July. We have discovered through feed-back from our customers, that academic planners work great for many people not just the college student. Academic Planners are great for procrastinators; did you mean to by a planner, that started January first, but never got around to it? An academic planner will get you off to a fresh start this summer. For the frugal saver the academic planner is a great opportunity to get 18 months of organization for a price not very different from a 12 month planner. Academic planners are also the perfect gift for the new graduate. As new graduates enter the world of work, they are most likely to do so in July and being organized, while searching for or starting a new job, increases the chance of success.

Paperblanks Academic planners are offered in 3 sizes, regardless what size they all have hard covers, are smythe-sewn, which makes them strong and open flat, have two page markers for easy reference and a pocket on the inside back cover. Finish is as expected, which Paperblanks fans know means impeccable. Paperblanks paper handles roller balls, ballpoints and fountain pens well:

Paperblanks Maxi Academic Planner

First size up, the Maxi, measures 5.5″ wide by 8.25″ tall with 208 pages and is available in a vertical layout over two pages; a column for each work/school day starting at 8am and running until 8pm in half hour increments and one column for the weekend. At the bottom of each page is a handy monthly calendar with the current week indicated with a line around it. Each maxi size planner has an elastic band closure. There are 4 cover designs in the Paperblanks Maxi size to choose from.

PB29519 Paperblanks Grolier Maxi 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Grolier

PB29526 Paperblanks Foiled Maxi 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Foiled
PB29533 Paperblanks Flutterbeyes Maxi 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Flutterbyes
PB29540 Paperblanks Shiraz Maxi 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Shiraz

Paperblanks 18-Month Planner
Vertical Layout Paperblanks Maxi 18 Month Planner

Paperblanks Midi Academic Planner

Next size down in the Paperblanks Academic planners is the Midi, which measures 5″ x 7″, also has 208 pages and is available in a horizontal layout over two pages and 6 different cover designs all with elastic band closure.


Paperblanks Planner layout horizontal for Midi and Mini
Paperblanks Horizontal Layout for Midi and Mini
Paperblanks Ocean Song 18-Month Planner
Ocean Song Midi
Paperblanks Silver Filigree Blush Pink 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Blush Pink Midi
Paperblanks Laulima 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Laulima Midi
Paperblanks Carmine Midi 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Carmine midi
Paperblanks Black Moroccan 18-Month Planner
Black Moroccan Midi

Paperblanks Fili?gree Floral Ebony 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Fiigree Midi

Paperblanks Mini Academic Planners

The smallest size in the Paperblanks Academic 18 month planners is the Mini, which measures 4″ x 5.5″ and also has 208 pages. The mini has a horizontal layout, week over two pages, same as the Midi size. The Paperblanks Mini is available in 8 cover designs, all with elastic band closure, except for the Darwin Tree of life, which has the classic Paperblanks magnetic flap closure.

Paperblanks Foiled Mini 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Foiled Mini
Paperblanks Black Moroccan Mini 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Black Moroccan Mini
Paperblanks Hummingbird Mini 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Hummingbird Mini
Paperblanks Safavid Mini 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Safavid Mini
Paperblanks Maya Blue Mini 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Maya Blue Mini
Paperblanks Mini Blue Cats 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Blue Cats and Butterflies Mini
Paperblanks Mini Darwin 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Mini Darwin, Tree of life

Paperblanks Filigree Floral  IvoryMini 18-Month Planner
Paperblanks Filigree Floral Mini

Paperblanks Academic Planner -great features, that get you organized.

Regardless of the size or layout of the Paperblanks Academic planner, they all have a great deal of features, that will help you plan your (school) time better. Besides the expected world holidays, measurements, dialing codes and world time zones we really love the 6 different planning tools: Full year planner, extra room for notes, monthly Planner, weekly schedule planner, travel planner and full year calendar for 2016 and 2017. To sum up, quality, 3 different sizes, two different lay-outs and 18 cover designs, the new Paperblanks Academic planners are easy on the eyes and sure to get you better organized, whether attending college or already enrolled in the school of life.

Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Full year Planner
Full Year planner
Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Additional room for notes
Room for notes
Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Monthly planning pages
Monthly Planner pages
Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Scheduler
Class Schedule pages
Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Travel Planner
Travel Planner
Paperblanks Academic Planner Features-Full Year Calendar for both 2016-2017
Full year Calendar for 2016 and 2017