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Paperblanks Journals: New for Fall 2015

Paperblanks Ultra Journal | Victor Hugo
Paperblanks Victor Hugo Journal back cover
Our air conditioning is running full blast and it has been hot, very hot, but we have Autumn on our minds as it is time to take a look at Paperblanks Fall Collection. The Vancouver Canada based Paperblanks is known to find known, and lesser known works of art and patterns out of the treasure trove of our World’s cultural heritage, and transform them in beautifully bound and exquisitely executed Journals.

Paperblanks paper is of excellent quality and comes from sustainable forests. The Paper has a great feel and plays well with all the tools we regularly use, Roller-ball, Ballpoint, Fountain Pen and Pencil.

This Seasons cover art ranges from the more familiar; Les Miserables, with original Victor Hugo Handwriting and Signature, to the less familiar, at least to us, Miroku Buddha Statue. The Paperblanks Fall collection includes four different covers with Alistair Bells haunting poetic renderings of boats and animals. We were not that familiar Alistair Bell, but are delighted to be introduced to his art. Alistair Bell is a giant among 20th century Canadian print makers and his work can be seen in The New York Museum of Modern Art and London’s Victor and Albert Museum. Rounding out the new Paperblanks Fall collection are wonderful Fall foliage patterns by 19th century French bookbinding artist Henri Francios Marius Michelle and two wonderfully extravagant Rococo style patterns, which envelop you with luscious luxury. The entire Paperblanks collection including the new styles for Fall 2015 are available through our online store

Alistair Bell
Paperblanks Midi sized journal Alistair Bell Boats and Reflections

Fall Foliage Journal
Paperblanks Autumn Foliage Journal

Paperblanks New Journals | Miroku
Paperblanks Miroku Journal

Paperblanks New Journal: Rococo
Paperblanks Red Rococo Journal