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Paris in Spring.

It is no secret, and we are not afraid to admit it, Sara and I love Paris, especially in spring.  As the gray skies in Portland are only slowly and tentatively giving way to the sun and warmer temperatures, we are told are just around the corner(not this one the other corner). We dream of escaping to Paris. Alas airplane ticket prices are sky high and our kids need to go to school, have diapers changed etc. Today we received a newsletter from Paperblanks. We get a lot of newsletters and have to admit, that we do not open them all right away, or at all.  This one we did and we discovered a little gift. A lovely new video celebrating the new Paperblanks Literary Art Deco Notebooks and Paris nostalgia of the 1920’s and 1930’s, which viewed through the hazy lens of history seemed to be a time when the grown-ups were having all the fun. We enjoyed the video and it took us on a little mental trip to a different time. The “Jazz Age” music is so infectious you may find yourself doing the Cake-Walk, the Turkey Trot, and the Bunny Hug all at the same time. While writing this post the sun broke through the clouds feeling better already 🙂