New from Paperblanks, The Nova Stella Collection of Journals

Three journals from the Paperblanks Nova Stella Collection

Three Journals from the Paperblanks Nova Stella Collection.

Paperblanks continues to unearth amazing book bindings from museums, libraries and private collections around the world. Stars have captured our imagination since the dawn of time, so much so that we reach for the stars when we try to imagine what was impossible before. The cover design for the new Paperblanks Nova Stella Collection was taken from the 1789 binding of Missale Sacri Ordinis by the Italian publisher Octavio Puccinelli. The brocaded design in gold manages to be intricate and sparse at the same time by leaving ample space around the center star design, allowing it to shine. These journals are the perfect reminder to stay focused on our own guiding star of inspiration and are a beautiful companion for the exploration of our own galaxies of ideas. The Nova Stella collection is available in three cover designs, Nox, a dark brown background; Solis, a golden yellow background and Astra, a midnight blue background. The Series is offered in Paperblanks full range of five sizes and in both blank and lined paper. Clearly Paperblanks has high hopes for this collection and they should, the Nova Stella journals  have us all starry eyed!

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Happy Halloween-Scary Stories-Great Journals

Happy Halloween.

Start a new family tradition. Select a beautiful and durable (Scary)journal for inspiration and have kids and grown-ups contribute their scary stories. Each Halloween your family’s scary story book will grow. Reading stories from years past will be good fun and may even prove insightful. Journal pictured is by Paperblanks and features a print by Canadian artist Alistair Macready Bell.


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Great Artists Equal Great Inspiration

Paperblanks William Shakespeare Journal

Paperblanks 400th year Anniversary journal of the bard William Shakespeare

Paperblanks celebrates William Shakespeare, Johan Sebastian Bach and William Butler Yeats.

Paperblanks, the Vancouver Canada based Publisher of quality journals celebrating the world’s cultural heritage, is honoring three great artists with their very own journals: William Shakespeare, the composer Johan Sebastian Bach and the Irish Poet William Butler Yeats.

The three Journals are part of the Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript Collection, a series of journals with a magnetic flap closure and a sample of writing in the artists’ own hand on the cover. The magnetic flap features the artists’ signature. The exception is the Shakespeare journal which rocks a very cool period looking magnetic brass hook to close the journal

The Paperblanks William Shakespeare Journal is available for a limited time only and coincides with the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death(1564-1616). Shakespeare’s identity is still a source of disagreement and much speculation and Paperblanks steps right into the debate by embossing an excerpt of the play Sir Thomas More on the cover. The back of the journal features the familiar face of Shakepeare, which may or may not be him. (debate amongst thyselves)

Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript Journal Bach

Paperblanks Journal, Bach, Cantata BWV 112

For the J.S. Bach Journal, Paperblanks choose an excerpt of Bach Cantata BWV112, which is based on Psalm 23. This Psalm is beloved by both Christians and Jews from all denominations: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” will be familiar to most. j.S. Bach was incredibly productive, he wrote over 300 Cantatas alone, in addition to his great choral works. He was known to work long caffeine infused hours. Yes, the coffee quote we added to the image of the Bach journal is really a quote by Bach, the baroque master composer.

Paperblanks Embellished Collection Journals, Yeats

Paperblanks Journal, Yeats, Easter 1916

W.B.Yeats Paperblanks Journal, shows an excerpt of his Easter 1916 poem, which Yeats wrote as he wrestled with the violent 1916  Irish uprising against the British. Three of the four stanza’s end in the hauntingly beautiful line: “A terrible Beauty is born” We choose a more familiar quote for our Yeats Journal image, because we are pretty friendly around here.

The Paperblanks Shakespeare Journal comes in two sizes, Ultra which is 7 by 9 inches and Midi which is 5 by 7 inches. Both sizes are available in Lined and blank paper. The Paperblanks Bach journal is available in Ultra size, in lined and blank paper and Mini size, which measures 4 by 5-1/2 inches in lined only. Lastly, the Paperblanks Yeats journal is available in Ultra and Mini size in lined paper.

You can  view all journals in the Paperblanks Embellished Collection here.

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Writing to Remember

I am a visual learner, which means I remember things better when I write them down or see a picture. I have a feeling that many of us who love to write and sketch in notebooks are visual types.

For years I’ve kept journals in an effort to remember certain times in my life. When each of my kids was born, I started a designated journal to record all the wonderful and amazing things they did and said as they were growing up. Now that they are older, they love to hear all the funny things they did when they were very small. When they are grown, I hope their children enjoy hearing what their parents were like as little kids.

The thing about writing to preserve memories over a lifetime (or longer) is that you can’t use just any notebook. You must use an archival quality book to make sure what you’ve written is preserved for all time and won’t fade after a few years.

This is what I love about Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. Leuchtturm has been making archival storage systems for coin and stamp collectors for nearly 100 years, so they know a lot about archiving.

Leuchtturm notebooks are designed to allow you to easily access your writings for decades to come. The pages are numbered, and there’s an index in the front of the book so you can reference any page easily. Included with the book are stickers to label the spine and cover, so you can find the correct book easily on your shelf. The archival paper will preserve your writing and sketches for generations.

For those of us who write to remember, it’s important to use the right tools so that decades later we can relive those memories that have shaped our lives.

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A Gratitude Journal- A record of the good stuff.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

One of the drawbacks to keeping a journal, at least for me, is that when you use the written word to process and cope with whatever’s going on in your life, you can end up writing too much about problems and negative, stressful things. It may be therapeutic to get all that stuff out, but you’re left with a record of your life at that time that portrays it only as difficult. The comforting, amusing and inspiring things that happened are passed over and forgotten. If you want to make sure you focus more on the positive things in life, a gratitude journal is a great way to do that. It’s also an excellent prompt for those who have difficulty starting to keep a journal in the first place.

What is a gratitude journal? It’s quiet simple– find a notebook you like, and each day, sit down with it for a few minutes to write down two or three things you felt thankful for that day. Maybe it was an email from an old friend asking how you’re doing. Maybe it was a walk on the beach with your dog. Maybe you knocked a few difficult tasks off your to-do list at work. It can be that simple.

It’s so easy for us to feel sorry for ourselves. On a bad day, you might think you have nothing to feel thankful about. But if you can’t think of anything, you’re just not thinking enough about how lucky you really are! Be grateful for your health, your family, your home, your senses and all the things they reveal about the world around you. There are lots of obvious things to be thankful for, but if you stop and think and write about it, you’ll find the more subtle things we should all appreciate but can so easily forget.

A gratitude journal doesn’t have to be kept in any particular way– you can write a lot or a little, draw pictures or paste in a photo. It doesn’t even have to be a separate journal– you could just set aside space on a page in a notebook you’re using for other things. The important thing is just to find a few minutes each day to stop and think about gratitude, to open your mind to new ways of seeing the positive in your life, and to lock in that feeling by putting something on paper.

If you’re really stuck as to how to begin, start by appreciating your gratitude journal itself: the look of the cover, the feel of the pages, and that you have the means to buy it. And in this holiday season, I’m sure you’ll find many more things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving special thanks to our Blog contributors. The above blog post by our guest blogger Nifty from

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