Deafmessanger notebook review

I first discovered Deafmessanger notebooks on Notebook Stories blog, and quickly became obsessed. These notebooks are made by hand in Prague by an artist named Kucin. The books have a very cool, street art look to them. I wanted to order one of their 2011 planners but by the time I got around to it they were already sold out, much to my disappointment.

So when the kind folks at Lovenotebooks offered to send me one of the Deafmessanger noteboooks to review, I jumped at the chance! They very generously sent me the Square Journal Cykorka to review. I was so excited to get it and check it out! I’ve never seen a notebook like this before.

The notebook is 6 ¾ by 6 ¾ inches, which is a great size to carry in your bag with you to write or sketch in anytime inspiration strikes.

Deafmessanger Cykorka notebook

The stiff cardboard cover has a stenciled design on the front (I love the bird). The cover is held securely shut at the corners by red elastic.

Inside, the message “Treasure Inside” makes you want to come up with a Very Special Purpose for this book. There’s even a pencil included so you can get started right away!

Treasure Inside

There’s a red ribbon placemarker to find your current page easily.  The recycled paper is surprisingly smooth and nice. You can see little flecks in the paper, giving it away as recycled, but it is smoother than I expected it to be. This was just one of the many pleasant surprises inside this book.

Throughout the book there are bits that were found by the artist that have been bound into the book on the rings, not stuck on the pages. This has the double benefit of not covering any precious page space, and allowing you to see both sides of the object (all of which are fascinating and unique).

The bits include things like old post cards, maps, and magazine pages. My favorite is this hand-written page from a ledger of some kind:

Ledger page bound on rings

In addition to the items stuck in, on random pages there are hand-stamped quotes designed to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

“Stories Are Maps”

The last page has a stamped signature and message against animal suffering. At the bottom of the page is the stamped message, “to be continued…” which reminds us all that creativity is always a work in progress.

“to be continued…”

The edge of the inside back cover has the artist’s website and email address. I strongly encourage you to check it out:

Back cover

The back cover has the stenciled message, “what u risk reveals what u value.” There’s also a tag attached to the back cover that says, “Made from Prague, Made in Prague.” That’s important to point out: the bits stuck into the book are from Prague, so in the book you get a part of the artist’s home, and in his art you get a part of the artist himself.

The result is an absolutely unique book that’s hand made for only you. It feels like a personal gift from a good friend.

You can now buy a wide selection of Deaf Messanger notebooks in a variety of sizes and styles at LoveNotebooks! Click here to see the product page.

Many thanks again to my friends at Lovenotebooks for giving me the chance to review this awesome notebook!

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Christian Lacroix Papier Astrology Journal review

The kind folks at Lovenotebooks sent me this Christian Lacroix Astrology journal as a sample to review, and wow! This journal exudes decadence and luxury.

The hard-cover book is big and substantial. The cover has velvet textured fabric and whimsical art.

Astrology journal cover

Inside the front and back covers of the book are richly-colored illustrations giving you a preview of scenes throughout the book.

Inside cover

Throughout the book are pages with amazing illustrations of each sign of the zodiac, with an acetate overlay for each:


So when you open the acetate you can see mirror images of each scene:

Libra open

The pages are wide-ruled with margins, gilded edges and the Christian Lacroix logo at the bottom of each page. There is a woven fabric bookmark to mark your page.

Lined pages, woven bookmark

The book is a total sensory experience in the true maximalist Christian Lacroix style.

This book would make an amazing gift or an excellent addition to your own collection.

LoveNotebooks has a wide selection of Christian Lacroix Papier notebooks and stationery items that must be seen to be believed!

Many thanks again to Lovenotebooks for giving me the chance to review this spectacular notebook!

Product review by Laurie from Plannerisms

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