Halloween for Notebook Lovers

Model dressed up in Rhodia Notebooks

Let nothing get between you and your favorite Rhodia Notebook

Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet? Did you jot down some
ideas in a notebook, or perhaps even sketch something in a notebook?
Better yet, are you going to dress up AS a notebook?
I’ve never actually created a notebook costume myself, but here’s a
few ideas I’ve had for how to do it:

Old-fashioned spiral notebook:
I’d buy some thick, flexible aluminum wire at Home Depot. Then I’d
take two big pieces of cardboard and paint them to look like the front
and back cover of a notebook. Punch holes on one side and loop the
wire through, forming it into the spiral binding. Then make some kidn
of shoulder straps so you can wear it! You could also paint your face
white with blue lines to look like lined paper.

Composition book:
I’d find an old black t-shirt and speckle white paint on it to look
like the classic marbled composition book. Then use a piece of white
paper or cardboard to make the rectangular white label in the middle
that says “Composition Book” and tape that to my chest.

Again, you’d have to dress all in black. You could add a white stripe
running across your shoulders and down one side to represent the white
edge of the pages. Get some kind of thick black ribbon and attach it
to one shoulder for your ribbon marker. If you really want to get
elaborate, make a black “cover” out of cardboard (or even better, a
piece of black PVC!) that you can open up, and then on the inside add
the lines where you write your name and the “if lost” reward. Then
figure out some way to emboss the word Moleskine on your butt!

Of course, the best notebook for any Halloween usage is Rhodia: that
orange and black color scheme is perfect!

Please share your own Halloween notebook ideas in the comments! (Use a
notebook for logging all the candy you collect, perhaps!?)

Blog post by guest blogger Nifty. You can follow her notebook adventures at notebookstories.com

P.S. how about a partner dressing up as a pencil and the kids as a classic eraser or crayon?

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A Finite Resource

Rhodia CEO meeting book

Rhodia CEO meeting book

What we cannot make more of we need to use wisely. We cannot make more time and yet we waste a lot of it. At work we waste a lot of it in meetings. According to a study by the Wharton Center for Applied Research, Executives, senior and middle management spend about 30%-60% of their time in meetings, but felt just 56% of this time was time well spent.

An important reason we use notebooks is to keep ourselves organized and hopefully by being organized save ourselves time. Any notebook can be used as an organizational tool, but in some cases a specialized notebook can help. Lovenotebooks has added the Rhodia CEO meeting book to our notebook selection, because we believe it will save you time and make your meetings more productive.

A lot of companies and state and local governments are cutting cost left and right, without ever noticing the enormous cost of unnecessary or badly run meetings. Poorly managed meetings cost not just time and money, but also have a negative impact on workplace enjoyment and motivation.

Like most things, a proper meeting has three steps to it and skipping a step is sure to result in a waste of time.

Preparation i.e. What is your agenda, your goal, Do you need a meeting to achieve your objective (very important) and if you do who really needs to be present? When will we have the meeting, what time of day or day of the week. Where will we have the meeting. Always ask yourself do we really need to sit down. If you can do the meeting standing up, it is more likely to be brief. Share the agenda and specific expectations you have for each attendee (If you do not have a reason for them being there why are they invited?) before the meeting to increase the quality of the input you will receive.

The meeting: Who is running the meeting? Someone has to be in charge follow the agenda and keep an eye on the clock. A free for all is not productive, because you are sure to get the loudest but not the most valuable opinion and will almost certainly end up discussing issues not relevant to your goal. How long is the meeting? Set a time and keep to it. Stay on point and conclude each point with an action, that is required to achieve your meeting’s goal. At the end of the meeting summarize what has been discussed; connect required actions to specific persons or teams and connect a deadline.

Follow up. Recap the meeting; reiterate goal and actions required and deadlines connected to each action via email or a paper hand out and make sure each party confirms back to you.

Write a brief review for yourself, while the meeting is fresh. Focus on what parts of the meeting were unproductive and why. This will allow you to save even more time the next time around, because there are sure to be more meetings.

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