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Paperblanks Kirikane Collection

Kirikane refers to the decorative technique of Buddhist paintings and statues with gold, silver and platinum lef cut into shapes and lines. The accurateness of the Kirikane artist is well-versed by religious observance and awareness. Kirikane was imported from China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). In Japan, Kirikane thrived during the 11th century until it dissipated from view three centuries later, all but extinguished by the use of gold paint to replace precious metal.

Contemporary Japanese artist Sayoko Eri (1945-2007), whose work is featured here, was a devoted revivalist of Kirikane. She studied the traditional art form and applied it to everyday items such as boxes and screens as well as statues of Buddha. Here, the decorative patterns of Sayoko Eri’s creations put the observer into a meditative state of mind.


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