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Paperblanks French Luxury: Ornate Silk inspired journal collection.

Europe was exposed to the pleasure of soft sensual silk thanks to the merchants that traveled the famous trade routes of the "silk road". The invention of the silk loom in 1804 enabled European artisans to create ever more intricate designs. The Paperblanks french ornate journals are printed and debossed to re-create the luminosity and intricate patterns of silks of early 19th century France.

Paperblanks connected their journals of uncompromising quality, with the intricate handiwork of 19th century silk artisans, creating a journal as much at home at your home as in Palace Versailles. When holding the french ornate journal in your hands you will be struck and amazed by the luminosity and the true to life detail. Experience the pleasure of owning or gifting a high quality Paperblanks french ornate journal and reconnect to the luxury and simple tactile pleasures of an earlier place in time.

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