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Fine Troika, Ten Design, Greenwitch and Rite In The Rain Pens and Pencils

The TROIKA writing collection contains writing implements for people who have something to say. Because everyone's handwriting is unique.

Troika's modern designs convince with style, charm and refinement. The Rollerball Pen cap, which has an inside thread, is screwed onto the end of the pen to ensure perfect balance and prevent losing the cap. This writing utensil collection not only includes the unique ball point pens with twist mechanism, but also rollerball pens. Ballpoints for smaller hands and slim line ballpoints with a stylus for Ipad or other touch screen devices. This is a complete pen collection, with something for every unique writing style. Each Troika Pen includes genuine Schmidt refills made in Germany for a superb writing experience.

Ten Design Pens are designed with the user in mind and include easy to find high quality refills that contribute to a wonderful writing experience.

Greenwitch is Italian Design since 1984, beautifully simple and funtional writing instruments and aesthetically pleasing. Designed in Milano Italy.

Rite in the Rain is committed to the outdoors you work and play in everyday. Rite in the Rain will not let you down no matter where your next advntures takes you.


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