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What makes us happy? What are we truly passionate about? Moleskine understands better than most what people love and feel passionate about. With millions of Moleskine Journal users sharing their passions, ideas, art and experiences every day. Moleskine has created 6 intuitive Journals that make it easy to collect and organize your Passion. The Passion Journals make a wonderful gift for your Favorite Chef, Wine Lover, Reader, Movie Buff, Music Lover and Fitness Guru. Or, treat yourself to a Journal that allows you to organize and share your passion with your family and friends. The Passion Journals have gorgeous embossed covers, pages with useful information and a special layout that allows you to organize easily and efficiently. Finally there is a quality well designed journal worthy of your passion. Make your passion come to life and create a keepsake to be shared and referred to for many years to come.

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