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Don’t let the name fool you. If the notion of brocade conjures images of overdone tapestry or the gaudy, floral sofa at grandma’s house, you are in for a surprise with Paperblanks’ collection of Brocaded Paper journals. Embossed with rich detail and color, the series transports you back to opulent times when brocade fabrics were reserved for the upper classes, ladies of the court and royalty.

Gold leaf blocking on leather and parchment was popular in Europe starting in the early 16th century. Brocaded paper came on to the scene a century later; its soft, pliable and highly decorative character made it ideal for book covers. Artisans created the designs by etching or engraving copper or brass plates and then embossing the designs with metal leaf using an engraver’s press. Most of the decorations echoed the patterns adorning the leather wall coverings and silk damask of the time.

True to Paperblanks’ signature style, these notebooks display the closest attention to every detail. They are sewn, not glued. These notebooks close with cut away, magnetic flaps. The covers of these notebooks are printed using some of the industry’s most advanced printing techniques, which lend authenticity, texture and shimmering color to each journal. Drape your deepest thoughts with the decadence of Paperblanks’ Brocaded Paper journals.

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