Paperblanks Parisian Mosaic

Paperblanks Parisian Mosaic Journal Collection

Mosaic binding is known for its multicolored and/or multi-textured pattern of leather inlays or onlays and gold tooling. Paperblanks Parisian Mosaic collection takes its inspiration from a binding done by famed binder Nicolas-Denis Derome in the 18th century. Derome came from a long line of bookbinders, three generations, actually. In 1773, he was elected one of the Gardes en Charge of the Community of the Master Binders and Guilders of the City and University of Paris.

The graceful cover in this collection comes from a medieval motif called “au seme,” a pattern that resembles a sown field. The heraldic motif and fresh colors elevated mosaic binding to a new level of artistry. Today, we have Paperblanks to thank for resurrecting it with high quality printing and traditional bookbinding techniques.

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