Why Notebooks

Why Love Notebooks?

We use our computers and PDA's just as much as you do and are in awe of the things they make possible for us. Still to us the experience is lacking. Our lives need a balance between the virtual and the real. We desire something more tangible; a paper notebook.

Top 10 reasons-The Notebook is the perfect analog companion for our digital world. 

  1. A notebook allows us to be off the grid when we want to be.
  2. A notebook enables us to express ourselves in our own hand-Just like a face to face conversation communicates on a deeper level then an email exchange-Writing, drawing and doodling in a notebook allows for a richer more complete version of ourselves and our ideas to appear.
  3. A notebook is a companion, a confidant.
  4. A Notebook is virtually indestructable.
  5. A Notebook is private.
  6. A filled Journal is a keepsake; a snapshot of yourself in time.
  7. The act of writing in a notebook helps memorization.
  8. A Notebook enables a highly personal, organic and efficient way of organizing your thoughts and priorities according to your own inner logic instead of a pre-set format
  9. A notebook does not become obsolete, gets no virusses, does not need upgrades and does not crash.
  10. A quality notebook is a delight for all the senses.

A Notebook is affordable, gives enjoyment and enriches your life everyday.



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