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It is no exaggeration to state that Moleskine changed the way we look at journals and notebooks. In 1996 Francesco Francheschi and Mario Baruzzi, owners of a small importing company named Modo & Modo in Milan Italy were ready for something new. After importing thousands of gift items for many years with varying success they had a strong desire to simplify and organize their lives around a product of lasting value.

Francesco had noticed little artists pocket books for years in his visits to art museums across Europe and had revelation: Could he make the notebooks of artists like Van Gogh, Hemingway and Matisse relevant for a new generation.  After some research it turned out the last manufacturer to produce "moleskine" (general french term for pocket notebooks) went out of business in 1986.

Mario and Francesco researched materials and manufacturing methods and named their new product Moleskine and in 1997 introduced a little black travel notebook that had all the features so prized by artists and creative minds of the 19th and early 20th century: A size that truly fit your pocket, rounded no snag corners, strong water repellent cover,  quality acid free paper,  stitched together- not glued in order to ensure the book would open flat and stand up against the intensive use by artists and travelers. A cardboard and fabric Memento Pocket was added to the inside back cover to hold clippings and memories as was a page marker ribbon. Lastly they added a feature that later became a signature element of the Moleskine; an elastic band  to keep the book together. It was clear from the examples in Art Museums that artists' notebooks have a tendency to grow way beyond their original size.

The simple black notebook was reborn to inspire new generation of artists and thinkers. Moleskine's introduction coincided with the explosive growth of the bloggosphere and the product built up tremendous loyalty and buzz among bloggers and creative professionals using the internet.The slogan "Moleskine the legendary Notebook from Hemmingway Van Gogh and Matisse" connected the notebook to the rich tradition and romance of famous travelers and artists of the late 19th and 20th century and inspired artists of a new generation to continue the Moleskine tradition. Today you can find many blogs dedicated to Moleskine and the adaptations and additions "apps" created to further personalize your Moleskine.  In 2006 Mario and Francesco sold their company for a whopping 65 million euros to a French investment fund. In a way Moleskine came full circle with ownership returning to french hands. The rest is as they say history.  Today Moleskine is popular as ever and the original pocket notebook is now part of large product assortment. Moleskine designs and manufactures a wide range of Moleskine Notebooks and Planners for different uses to inspire your next adventure.

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Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebooks

Reporter style Hard Cover Notebooks

Pocket Cahier Notebooks with flexible Cardboard Cover

Large Cahier Notebooks with flexible Cardboard Cover

Extra Large Cahier Notebooks with flexible Cardboard Cover

Moleskine Passion Hard Cover Journals -What is your passion?

Moleskine Van Gogh Hard Cover in Shantung Silk

Moleskine City Notebooks Europe -The Travel Guide you write yourself

Moleskine City Notebooks USA-The Travel Guide you write yourself

Grab Bag-I love Moleskine but I love saving money even more

Moleskine is not for me I love Paperblanks, Rhodia, Rite in the Rain



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