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Paperblanks Cervantes Letter to the King Pencil Case

Paperblanks celebrates the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616), widely regarded as the greatest author in the Spanish language known for his classic novel Don Quixote.

His novel The Ingenious Gentleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha is considered by many as the first modern novel. Translated into over 140 languages the novel was so impactful it added new lexicon to many languages including English with words like "Quixotic" , "Lothario"and expressions like "tilting at windmills". 

Cervantis is one of the titans of western literature and unfortunately mosts of his manuscripts have been lost to time. Luckily Paperblanks was able to use his handwritten letter to the Spanish Kin, requesting permission to publish his novel.

Paperblanks Cervantes pencil case complements the Journals in the same series beautifully and is beautifully crafted with Paperblanks beloved magnetic flap the closes the case or allows it to stand at a an angle. Cervantes hand written letter covers the sides and top of this pencil case

For lovers of great literature, true romantics and journal writers everywhere the Paperblanks Cervantes pencil case is a perfect complement and reminder to pick up a pen or pencil and get to work even on days where it feels one is tilting at windmills.

Product Features

  • Hard Case
  • Dimensions 8.75 x 2.5  x 1.25 Inch
  • Material embossed hard cardstock
  • Some of our images show accessories like pencils and paperclips - these are not included
  • Sturdy well crafted design always holds its shape
  • Magnetic lid doubles as stand
  • Additional nesting small storage box for smaller items
  • Decorative Printed Cover Paper
  • ISBN 9781439772973

  • Model: PB7297-3
  • Manufactured by: Paperblanks

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