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Paperblanks H.G. Wells 75th Anniversary Manuscript Box

Safe your important A4 and Letter Sized Documents in A H.G. Wells Book Box 

As a celebration of his life and legacy, on the 75th anniversary of his death, we are honored to bring H.G. Wells’ handwritten manuscript of The Time Machine to our Paperblanks collection. A prolific writer of many genres, Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) wasn't just a science fiction pioneer, but a futurist whose ideas for our future have had a great impact on the modern world.  He began his writing career with short humor articles before publishing his first novel, The Time Machine, in 1895. The book was instantly a massive success and defined his place as a leading science fiction writer of his day. Today, the novel remains widely read and is credited with popularizing the concept of time travel and coining the “time machine” term.

Paperblanks H.G. Wells Manuscript Box pays homage H.G. Wells’ handwritten manuscript of The Time Machine. 

When you are writing choose to be inspired by the greats and let the H.G. Wells Document Box remind you to fearlessly reach for the future.

Paperblanks H.G. Wells The Time Machine Manuscript box holds a stack of upto 1.5 inches of letter size or A4 Documents and other treasures to keep near.

Paperblanks Manuscript boxes make a beautiful addition to any desk or can be stored on a shelf as a secret book box.

Product Features:

  • Manuscripts Box
  • Made from Imprinted end debossed recycled Binder Boards
  • Dimension 9 x 12 x 2 Inch
  • Fits a 1.5 inch stack of A4 or letter size paper

  • Model: PB6522-7
  • Manufactured by: Paperblanks

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