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Discover the Joy of the Perfect Planner and Notebook

Lovenotebooks.com is dedicated to the perfect analog companion: the paper notebook. We are committed to helping you find a paper journal, guest book, day planner or notepad, that will be a delight to write in and of superior quality and value.
Paper notebooks offer so much more than a place for your notes; the tactile and visual pleasures of a fine notebook make them a companion and home to your work, thoughts, and feelings.
Lovenotebooks offers large selections of the world's most respected brands of notebooks and day planners:
From France we offer the world's best notepad: Rhodia, which converts new users daily due to its silky smooth paper.
Paperblanks Journals provide a window into world culture and the arts with their exquisite covers and application of century old book-binding techniques.
For over eighty years, Rite in the Rain company has supplied scientists and explorers with their iconic yellow waterproof and rugged Rite in the Rain notebooks, the same notebooks that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors and take notes no matter the weather.
Whether you are taking a journey of the mind or around the globe, a Moleskine Notebook is sure to hold your thoughts for safekeeping--the favorite notebook of urban nomads.
World famous designer Christian LaCroix's dazzling Papier Collection will convince you that sometimes more is more, with their bold and distinctive cover art.
From the ancient city of Prague we bring you Deaf Messanger. Each one-of-a-kind notebook is hand-crafted by Deafmessanger artist Kucin using recycled paper and applying different mediums such as photography and graffiti
Our large collection of Germany's Leuchtturm Notebooks will get you organized in style, including feature rich notebooks, convenient springback binders, and unique pen-loop pen holders. Leuchtturm1917 is a ninety year old family company that believes quality, workmanship, and attention to detail have its own rewards.
If you are determined to save more in this year, there is no better place to start than the Lovenotebooks' GRAB BAG. Moleskines out of factory plastic at a great value. It may be just what you were looking for.
Lovenotebooks is here as a resource for you, the lover of quality notebooks. It is our joy to provide you with beautiful and practical journals, notepads, sketchbooks, and planners that are sure to keep you creative, organized, and inspired.


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